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3 Fishing Experiences under 150€ (Part 1)

Traveling is one of the most gratifying and unforgettable experiences that the human being can experience. However, there are many people who do not do it out of fear, lack of time and money. But it is possible to travel with little money: and this is what I am talking about today!

To help you plan your next getaway, we have made a list of the most low-cost fishing destinations. Let's get to know some of the most economical fishing destinations suggestions based on the money you want or can spend.



Did you know that Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world? Each year the number of new tourists in the country exceeds the forecast, so much so that only in 2017 it is estimated that 80 million people have passed through Spanish territory.

It is also a country famous for its beautiful cost and fishing possibilities. The cost line in this country is over 2,000 km and there are thousands of lakes, river, and reservoirs. Some of the catches in these waters include carp, pike, trout, salmon, barbel, tilapia, tuna, and cod.

When it comes to freshwater fishing in Spain, there are some restrictions on the number on licenses issued every day, as well as restrictions on the bait and technique that can be used. Most rivers also have a limit on the size and number of fishes that can be caught.

Of course, sea fishing is extremely popular in Spanish lands and it is possible to fish without a license in the sea. But you should be careful since sea fishing is not allowed during the night time.

A great example of fishing experience under 150€ in Spain is the Fishing Day in the Gulf of Cádiz. This region is famous for its predator fishing in the sea, and for the big number of rivers and lakes. Besides, the stunning landscape of the Tinto river is a spectacular thing to witness.



Lithuania might not be the first place that pops into your mind when thinking of fishing, but the truth is that the natural resources of the country are very underrated. A great example of that is the Curonian Spit, Unesco World Heritage Site, which has long beaches, dunes, and pines forests.

Lakes and rivers, deep woods, broad plains, and traditional villages mark the natural reserves of Lithuania. The sites also place great value on the preservation of the cultural heritage of these regions, especially the Trakai National Park.

When it comes to fishing, there are some rules to be followed. A license when fishing less than 500m from the shore, except when fishing with float rod from the shore. There is special permission of he borderline police to go fishing in the Baltic Sea and the borderline water pools. Furthermore, during the night, only fishing from the shore and from the ice is allowed.

On top of all the great fishing possibilities, if you need another reason to go fishing in Lithuania here it is: traveling to Lithuania can be rather cheap. The capital, Vilnius, has been regularly considered one of the cheapest cities in Europe for many years. And that means not only cheap accommodation but also a very reasonable price for food and drinks. A pint of beer, for example, costs less than 2,50€.

A good option of fishing experience in Lithuania is the Non-guided self-catering Salmon fishing, in which you can catch not only salmon but trout and chub in the River Neris and Dūkšta stream. Šventoji, another great salmon river, is also easily reachable with an hour drive.



Honduras is a tropical country located in Central America, with Caribbean Sea coastlines in its north side and the Pacific Ocean to the south. This means that Honduras has superb fishing.

While we might agree that this part of the Caribbean is not very easy to reach, that is exactly the part of its appeal when fishing. The remote location will make you feel like you are the first person to discover these waters.

When it comes to different species, there are a great number of permit, tarpon, and bonefish in the regions. And the good news is that fishing is solid all year around in Honduras. Moreover, fishing licenses are not needed in the region.

The Bay Islands of Honduras (Roatan, Guanaja and Utila) are the perfect alternative for those who want to discover the Central American angling without going over budget.

And when we say that you can travel to Honduras in a tight budget we really mean it! As a matter of fact, a cup of coffee at the local airport costs around $0,90 and you can pay for a great pina colada in a bar only $1,50.

A Half Day Fishing in the Beautiful Roatan Island can be the perfect way to discover Honduras' angling mysteries without spending much. During this fishing experience, we will have the opportunity to catch permit, tarpon, and bonefish, but also snooks, jacks, barracudas, and snappers.


Beyond the destination

Remember that if the budget is tight, the important thing is not to give up on your plans to break the world. With organization and some tips, you will finally be able to explore the fishing world. Aside from searching for cheap destinations, there are also other things that you can keep in mind.

When it comes to eating, for example, you can use apps such as Leftoverswap, in which people share what's left of their meals to give anyone who wants it for free. Combating the waste is also the British Eatro. In this way, you can save money and help avoid waste.

Regarding hosting, Couchsurfing might be a good idea. Basically, this social networking is based on free hosting, in which families or any other host can offer a room in their own home, take you for sightseeing, eating and having a complete experience during the stay. It is based on solidarity and trust, with indications in user profiles and other information. Cool, isn’t it?

Anyway, there are several ways to discover the world without spending too much. Now you have no excuse for not exploring new countries, waters, and species.