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6 YouTube channels for fishing aficionados

Have you heard of fishing channels? Whether on television or YouTube videos, this is a proposal that seeks to bring entertainment and much learning about this sport, for practitioners and admirers of the seas.

Want to know more about it? We have listed the main fishing channels on YouTube, so you have access to the best content on the subject. Check it out and start watching today!



This YouTube channel brings the absolute most energizing big game angling recordings on the web. Their host, Joshua Jorgensen, is an outrageous fisher who has an adrenaline looking for hunger for monster fish! Regardless of whether he is catching beasts from the shoreline, from a kayak or from a boat, Joshua wants to take big game angling to the extreme. Moreover, every now and then they take famous NFL and NBA players fishing and the battles between these athletes and the giants from the sea are definitely worth checking out.


Robert Field

A few years ago, Robert gave up everything to chase his passion for kayak fishing and videography, and so his channel was born. For the past year, he has been traveling around the United States’ 50 states seeking the most amazing catches while fishing from a kayak. If you are a fan of kayak fishing, you will for sure enjoy this channel since Robert not only demonstrates fishing techniques but also gives tips on the best kayak fishing equipment available in the market. But it’s not the informative aspect of this channel that will eventually captivate you, but the host’s excitement and fascination for fishing that drives him to seek for the best angling spots.


Milliken Fishing

Ben Milliken is an angler who seeks to teach and promote bass fishing to all ages and different skill levels as well as share his passion for fishing and the outdoors. On his channel, you can see many tips on how to catch a bass fish as well as videos on spring and summer bass fishing, and videos from fishing tournaments. Furthermore, he has a full playlist on reviews of different fishing equipment that can help you choose your own gear for the next fishing trips. While watching his videos you will not only learn one thing or two, but also feel like you were right there with him.


Jon B.

Jon B is a young bass fisherman and videographer from the United States that has been traveling around the world seeking for catches. On his YouTube channel, it is possible to watch him fishing on the rocks in Australia, catching prehistoric dragon fish in the Amazon, and fighting the freezing weather in Sweden. You can also find in his channel some videos featuring other YouTubers such as Rob from LunkersTV, another fishing channel.


MorningTide Fishing

This Australian YouTube channel will blow your mind with the most beautiful fishing videos. Of course, the Australian nature beauty helps a lot, but you can tell the precision and carefulness they have while shooting every video. Even when there is not much of a crazy fishing action the videos still worth watching for its artistry and techniques.



Finally, if you are looking for a channel in which you can watch anglers fishing for various different species, there is no need to look further. TAFishing is run by father and son Graeme and Mike Pullen who are specialized in all-around fishing. From salt-water, fresh-water, to fly, bait and lure fishing, this channel features everything. It also has some valuable tips for beginners such as how to tie fishing knots, how to set a fishing reel drag and how to make fishing leads. So, if you still do not dominate the basics, this is the perfect channel to sharpen your skills.

We are sure that watching this YouTube videos is not only a good way to entertain yourself but also a great way to learn some new techniques a discover new fishing spots. Do you have any favorite fishing YouTube channel that was not listed here? Tell us about it on our Facebook page!