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8 reasons why fishing is a great team-building activity

Numbers prove that team synergy can make or break a company. Many CEOs and top-level executives are constantly searching for activities that can improve co-worker relationships and communication. And what better way to motivate your team than by treating them to a fun, action-packed, outdoor team building event?

Outdoors events are a fantastic way to unwind, get away for the hectic life and have a great time bonding with colleagues. And fishing is that perfect activity for that. There is time for action, learning, teaching, and memory-building on every fishing trip.

Without a doubt, fishing provides every element a team-builder could dream of. Here are the reasons why:


1. To experience something unique...

And be caught on the hook! Here is the perfect occasion to spend a day in a really unusual way. For those who have never gone fishing before this is your opportunity to learn something new, and the ones who are passionate anglers will find this as the perfect moment to share your knowledge with their colleagues.

2. To break away from routine...

And reconnect with Nature. In our everyday life full of stress, deadlines, and pressure we tend to forget where we come from and how it all began. We also feel the daily pressure to be connected and reachable all the time. This is the moment to unplug and enjoy your surroundings. So now it's time to switch our phones off and look around. The water, the fishing rod… The fishing experience is similar to meditation: it will quiet your heart and bring peace to your mind.

3. To discover a whole new world...

And become aware of its fragility. Our motto is "Catch and release" and we want to share this vision with as many people as possible. With this technique, fisherman can enjoy this ancient sport without harming the fish. However, we believe that environmental responsibility is not only about respecting nature, but also about making sustainable choices every day of your life: in business, at work, and in our private life. Caring is the most beautiful proof of sustainability!


4. To accept the challenge…

And show how quickly one can proceed from theory to practice. It is not uncommon that first-time anglers will feel quite discouraged and believe they are incapable of catching a fish. This is the moment to overcome this thought and try hard to catch the first fish. We know how challenging it can be if for those who have never tried fishing before, so here is the right time to show the capability to adapt to new skills, and also the moment to show resilience. And believe us when we say that there is nothing like the thrill of catching your first fish!

5. To concentrate on the throw…

And throw it well! It might be surprising to some people, but the part when the line is thrown is actually the most difficult one and requires full and undivided attention? If techniques such as fly-fishing are being practiced, casting the fishing string can be even trickier. Therefore, this is the chance to demonstrate that attention to the guide's tips and show off some skills. It might take some time to get it right, but once it is done, that great feeling of accomplishment takes over.


6. To get fit…

And burn some calories. Many believe that fishing doesn't even have the right to be called "a sport". Well, for sure they have never been fishing before: after 700 throws any angler will feel that fishing can be quite physical. Besides, many times some hiking is needed to reach the best fishing spots, so most likely there will be a lot of walking too. Trust us, there is nothing boring or tedious about fishing!

7. To get to know your colleagues better…

And become a more cohesive team! There will be contests, there will be challenges, and all of them have one goal: for all members to become closer and develop the "team spirit". Being a team is not only about helping each other but also about not being afraid to ask for help. Moreover, since everyone will be disconnected from the rest of the world, this is the time to have long talks with those people that have been sitting next to each other for years. Who knows, they might even become great friends.

8. To have fun!

This one is quite obvious but still, let us say: we know people have the time of their lives when fishing. So, take the time to fully enjoy this experience. During a fishing trip, the team will do way more than just hook fish. They will learn new things about themselves, create memories and build friendships. And there is nothing more than that.