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The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Greece

Greece is known as the cradle of Western Civilization, but it’s also one of the oldest and best fishing spots in Europe. Surrounded by no less than three seas, the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Ionian, the country’s water is among the cleanest in the world and the diversity of its marine life one of the finest. The fishing adventures here are different from anything you can imagine or have experienced elsewhere.

Blue waters crawling with breams, mullet, tuna, cuttlefish, shrimps, octopuses, clams, lobsters, combers, and John Dorys; fished with a fly or flat line, shore or boat, or even by spear fishing if you’re up to it, a popular technique in the Mediterranean Sea. If you opt for Greece as your holiday destination, you’ll most likely end up by the sea, however in the far north of Greece you can also find a few spots that will offer freshwater and fly fishing opportunities.

Fishing Villages in Greece

The international crowd that come here for fishing aren’t looking for smart city-style service; they are happy to blend with the locals and find their bliss in small fishing villages that offer ideal conditions for the most amazing fishing experiences. Head out to the village of Finikounda and its charming harbor tucked away in a small bay and surrounded by three heavenly beaches; or visit the lovely Methoni which is famous for its beautiful fortress and breathtaking cliffs. Although some of these places can get pretty crowded in the summer season, they offer plenty of fishing opportunities that will never leave you disappointed.

Find your bliss in small fishing villages that offer ideal conditions for the most amazing fishing experiences - Fishtripr

Who is Fishing in Greece?

The sight of a fisherman tiding his net in a small port is part of Greece’s daily scenery as most residents own a fishing boat. They may be professionals making a living out of their passion or fishing enthusiasts looking for ways to disconnect and spend quality times with friends. Those who knows best go fishing early in the morning when there are fewer boats in the area and the waters are calm. Besides the locals, you’ll also encounter fellow travelers seeking for a unique fishing experience in the Greek islands. You’ll recognize them easily with their spinning rods while socializing with friends and family members.

You’ll encounter fellow travelers seeking for a unique fishing experience in the Greek islands - Fishtripr

Top Fishing Places in the Ionian Islands

  • The channel close to Corfu is definitely the best area for fishing in the Ionian Islands.
  • Paxos’s west coast also offers perfect conditions for fishing. Keep in mind that the west coast of Paxos tends to be choppy later in the day, so the best time for fishing here is early in the morning.
  • Home to plenty of sword fish, the area between Atoko and Ithaca Island in the South Ionian is also a great spot for fishing.

Corfu is definitely the best area for fishing in the Ionian Islands — Greece - Fishtripr

Best Fishing Spots in the Cyclades

  • Located in Koutalas and Spathi cape, Serifos offers interesting spots for underwater fishing. There are lots of sargo and bass fish here.
  • Syros has regions with plenty of covers, shallow waters, and lots of shoals. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this area is great for all types of fishing. The islets of Gaidaros and Stroggylo are probably the best spots for fishing in Syros.
  • Expect to see many octopuses in Mykonos. Lindo and Tourlo are ideal for underwater fishing, while Panormos has an amazing sandy beach and is a perfect starting place for fishing.

Best Fishing Spots in the Cyclades - Greece - Fishtripr

Fishing Equipment and Boats

You won’t have to worry about how to bring all of your fishing equipment to Greece, as there are many specialized stores all over the country that sell fishing equipment. Rods and lures are available everywhere, while handheld lines can be found in smaller shops close to the harbors. It is possible to charter a boat for fishing in Greece. Ask around at the local harbor who can rent you a bareboat or a skippered boat for fishing. Travelers can also arrange fishing trips with the local fisherman.

Fishing Equipment and Boats are everywhere in Greece - Fishtripr

Fishing Rules and Regulations in Greece

  • Fishing with a net is not allowed.
  • Fishing with compressed gas and with explosives is also forbidden.
  • During the month of May, spear fishing is illegal in Greece.
  • It is not allowed to spearfish with underwater light sources including torches and flashlights.

All of the coastal regions and islands are ideal for fishing in Greece. However, there are particular areas where fishing is forbidden for both amateur and professional fisherman. We are talking about protected lakes, sea parcels with poor eco life, and several marine parks. Be sure to be well informed before you set your fishing line in that dream-looking empty spot!