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How to find the right fishing spot in new places.

Every angler aims to achieve a perfect fishery, in a pleasant place, with excellent fish, good fights, nice fishing partners and favorable climate. Learning how to identify a good fishing spot is the first step to successful experiences.

If you are a new angler, you might still have some difficulties on choosing where to fish. Here are some things you should be looking for when aiming for a good catch.


1 - Waterfowl

This is the best sign of all, because the aquatic birds feed on small fish and, consequently where one is, the other is beside. If you find a spot where there are several birds, there will undoubtedly be an abundance of fish. As we know, predatory fish also feed on these small fish. If you have to choose the right place to fish, give preference where there are flocks of water birds together.


2 - Islands or Stones

In these places, the best sign will be to look for rocks that have more living organisms, such as shellfish, oysters, barnacles, etc. In the case of an island, such stones are always found on the outside, that is, where the sea is open. This signal can also be used in coastal rivers or bays. In fresh water, the stones are small fish refuges, and this is where the larger fish will give them hunting.


3 - Submerged trees

This is another important sign that must be observed, both in salt waters as in rivers of fresh water or dams. Many species of predatory fish that seek out these places to feed themselves are present, because around the wood and partially or submerged trees entirely, live organisms, which are the most abundant fish baits, such as sea bass and black bass.


4 - Margins with Grass

It is an excellent sign for freshwater dams and rivers, because it will be in these places that small fish will take refuge to escape the attacks of predators, and there is also a multitude of other species of fish that have grass in their food base. It is also the grass that is mainly responsible for the number of insects of the place, which are in it and constitute the feeding of fingerlings and small fish.


5 - Fruit Trees

Another important sign of nature, since several species of fish feed on fruits. For example a guava tree on the edge of a dam. When it is time for ripe guavas, the tilapia will surely be feeding on this fruit. So, what is the best bait we should use in this time and place? Guava is just one example, as the variety of fruits at the water's edge is enormous, just as the fish cited is just another example. If we want, we can mention, in addition to the tilapia, another common fruit-eating fish is the carp.


6 - Small Water Courses

There is another important sign of nature that can be used both in freshwater and in the sea. Here the detail is that the big fish are waiting for the food that will invariably leave the small stream. Therefore, the best place for fishing is at the junction of the waters.


7 - Canals Identification

Indeed, the fish always travel through the deepest part, that is, the canals. The identification of these sites is extensive and diverse. At sea, we can discover them by the formation of waves. In bays and coastal rivers, by the formation of rocks or firm ground. An example that can be mentioned, at the entrance of a canal, if we have one side beach and the other side a hill with rocks, surely the bed will pass near the mountain. In rivers, it will be necessary to discover the backwaters, and this can be done by observing aquatic plants that are on the surface of the waters. With a bamboo or rope with a weight, go hitting the bottom of the dam. When you reach the channel, the depth will suddenly increase.


8 – Ravines

Ravines are another good sign of nature because this is the place where the predator hunts the other fish, which have no opportunity to escape. In this way, if you are looking for predators, this is the perfect location to do catch them.


9 - Waterfalls or Rapids

You should know that in the reproductive period the smaller fish have to overcome waterfalls and rapids, upstream, to spawn. Well, in the rapids, the bigger fish usually feed from the smallest ones, and that alone would already be an excellent fishing spot. But do not forget that in many countries there is a limit where you can fish during this time of the year. You should check the regulations of each destination to make sure you are not catching forbitten species or fishes bigger than allowed.

This is just a few tips on how to choose a good fishing spot. In fact, it is not easy to keep in mind all the variables to have a successful fishing trip, therefore if you are a beginner, the best option is to go fishing with a guide until you’re more experienced to fish by yourself.