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Kayak Fishing in the Sea with Fabien Harbers

If it is true that nothing easy is worth doing, kayak fishing in the sea should be one of the most worthwhile things for an angler. And Fabien Harbers is one of those who believe in that.

Kayak fishing is a challenging technique, even more so when it is practiced in the open sea. Nonetheless, this technique has undoubtedly become more popular every day, and there are good reasons for that: it is cheap, exciting, and efficient. Since kayak fishing is still considered a new technique, finding a good guide out there can be hard. Luckily, we have among our partners one of the few kayak fishing specialists in the Mediterranean Sea. Meet Fabien Harbers, a kayak fishing expert who has been dedicated to this technique for over a decade.

Fabien explains that even the more experienced angler will have a hard time when kayak fishing for the first time. Drifting techniques, for example, can be somewhat tricky. Usually, you can locate more fish by kayak while floating. You should be able to control the direction of your drift easily with a minimum of paddling. It is worth mentioning that most of the time your kayak will not stay pointed directly downwind, it will change to some degree. Fighting a fish while kayak fishing is also another critical moment. Whether you are reeling in a big predator, one of the best fighting fish out there, or a small bass, it is always thrilling. When it comes to fishing in the sea with a kayak, the angler has to be even more cautious. It is very different from fishing in a boat since you do not have the protection of the vessel and even a 4 or 5 lb fish can tow your kayak around.


Fabien’s story
All those challenges are the big reason why Fabien is such a big fan of kayak fishing. He started fishing as a kid and never stopped since then. As the years passed, he realized that he wanted to make out of his hobby a profession, and that is when he became a fishing guide 15 years ago and is currently a Certified State Trained Fishing Guide (BPJEPS + UCC 11). As he tells, he fishes every day with all kind of techniques such as kayak fishing and boat fishing, especially in saltwater, where he specialized in kayak fishing in the sea. For a long time, Fabien fished in the freshwater, but over the time he preferred fishing in the sea since it felt more challenging to him. “It’s not the same thing, not the same feeling, the same “fight” with the fish. Fishing in saltwater means fishing in open water, and makes it more difficult, challenging. You can follow the fish on 100m before taking it out of water”, describes Fabien when talking about his passion for kayak fishing.

The region where Fabien practices his guiding skills is perfect for kayak fishing. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur is located in the south of France and is considered one of the best seaside paths of Europe. In this region, you can easily catch squids, swordfishes, tunas and even dolphins can be seen when angling in these waters. Fabien points out that the view is another asset of the area. The town of Antibes is considered by someone of the prettiest regions in the French Riviera. It has a peaceful beachy feel, combined with a prosperous superyacht port and an elegant old town with narrow streets, cafes, and markets.


Our editor’s choice
What makes Fabien such a unique guide is not only his love for this sport and his good mood but also the fact that he is one of the few fishing guides specialized in kayak fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, he fishes for predators only, especially barracudas. The Mediterranean barracuda can frequently be found moving around these waters in compact flocks. They usually compete towards limited food resources, and consequently, can become very aggressive. In open water areas, this predator likes agitated conditions such as currents, and oxygenated waters. All these circumstances take kayak fishing in the sea to an extra level.

If you have never experience kayak fishing yourself, imagine this: After an extended period of silence, you find yourself juggling your rod, while you are trying to keep tension on the fish, at the same time as you pay attention to the wind and waves. “While all this is happening, you also have to observe which way the fish is running. Is it running towards me? Is it running behind me? How should I position myself?”, Explains Fabien about the organized chaos that is fishing from a kayak in the open sea.

Fabien’s experience, gathered in years of guiding, does not go unnoticed by the anglers that are lucky enough to learn from him. Guillon Renaud, one of his clients, expresses his contentment with being guided by Fabien: “Formerly working in the fishing industry, I had the chance to live a lot of fishing experiences in the world, with many guides. He is among the best. Why? Because he is worried about the customer safety, he is transparent in the exchanges, and has pragmatism and shows his passion during the fishing session. Besides, Kayak is a unique plus, which makes this magical experience an exceptional value for money one.”


You too can go kayak fishing
It is safe to say that kayak fishing in the sea for predators takes a lot of courage! If you are a beginner and do not yet understand very well about this technique of fishing, you should probably try it first with a guide. Fishing with the help of guides like Fabien is essential for an excellent angling experience. It is true that can be difficult to find kayak fishing offers online, that is why Fishtripr.com has selected the best kayak fishing opportunities for you. On our website, you can find not only kayak fishing in the sea, but also in rivers and lakes in diverse destinations. So, if you too would like to go kayak fishing and experience what the most challenging fishing technique nowadays has to offer, you can book it on our website .