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Product Update: Custom Pricing, Rich Cards, Customer tracking and more...

Hey, you! How is it going? 😅 Fishtripr’s team is always working hard to create and improve our platform. We kind of did release some stuff unannounced, so it's time to tell you about them + the brand new stuff, so here we go...

On our daily contact with hosts from all around the world, we have heard many feedbacks and request, and this exchange is fundamental for us. While talking to hosts, we are able to understand the main blockers and then develop a user-friendly tool. So, for all the hosts that have contacted us with ideas on how to improve our software, thank you very much.

We know you haven’t heard much from us lately, but that is because some of these tools and features can take a long time to develop. But the good news is that now we have many new tools and features to show you. Our mobile app, for example, is being developed right now and soon you will be able to reply to inquiries from guests even when you’re out in the sea. This tool is not ready yet, but in the meantime, we would like to show you the features we have developed in the past few months and that you can use right now!

#1 - Custom Pricing


You can now adapt the price to each offer on the fly. With this new feature, you will no longer be stuck with a fixed price. We know the guests are always asking for a special service, or for a discount. This way, you will be able to change the price according to the needs and requests of each individual guest, creating a tailored experience for everyone.

#2 - Rich Cards


The cards are inserted inside of the chat so you can easily keep track of the conversation and from now on you will be able to see details on each offer card. Details such as price, number of guests and date, will be on every card so you are sure that no information is missed or wrong.

#3 - Customer Tracking


Now, on each conversation, you can see in which phase the booking request is. You can easily see when an offer has been created, accepted and paid. This will allow you to send reminders to guests and keep your schedule organized.

#4 - Single Payment


Another new feature is the single payment. This means that from now on you will collect the whole payment upfront at once. This will make both your life and your guest’s easier. But you still have total control of reimbursement policies. So if a guest decides to cancel a booking, is up to you on how much they will get back.

#5 - Inbox Filter


If you get enquires from guests all the time, we know that searching for the right conversation on your inbox can be difficult sometimes. That is why we have developed a filter so you can easily find and keep track of your enquires in your inbox. So, those days of scrolling down to find a specific conversation are long gone!

So if you haven’t seen these new features yet, log in to your account on app.fishtripr.com and check it out. And keep an eye on your inbox for our newsletters because from now on we will be releasing features monthly, and we don’t want you to miss a thing.