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Discovering Sweden’s summer secrets

The Swedish people have a strong relationship with water, and there is a good reason for that: the country is all cut by rivers and canals and has a coastline full of islands and peninsulas. This is just one of the reasons why fishing in Sweden should be in your bucket list.

The coast of Sweden benefits from warm, temperate marine currents. Known as a floating city or Queen of Lake Mälar, the capital spreads over 14 of the 24,000 islands that make up the archipelago of Stockholm which is an invitation to launch through the Baltic Sea in search of beautiful landscapes with deep blue skies.


The magic location

The dazzling islands are famous for its charm and captivating atmosphere. Among these islands is Vaxholm, where tourists can not only walk around, see the red wooden houses, climb a hill and enjoy the view of the sea, but also see the fishing village and walk down the street from the shops and cafes. However, Vaxholm is more than just a gateway; it is also a great fishing destination.

It was in this region that in 2005 Catch & Relax was born in order to provide a quality fishing experience not only for Swedish people but also for tourists. Currently, the company is one of the main leading establishments within sports fishing activities in Sweden. Since its genesis, the company has been committed to sustainability. From the boats which are equipped with modern engines in order to consume less fuel, to the cutlery, mugs, and plates which have environmental packaging, everything is taken care of to have the minimum impact in the surroundings.


The fishing experience

As the guide Chris Schulthess tells, Catch & Relax specializes on adapting to the customer's wishes, and this was proven when they received a group of 20 clients from Fishtripr in July. During the fishing experience, the anglers were able to make their requests regarding pretty much everything. They were even able to choose which boats and constellations they would like to use as they entered the harbor. This is proof of the special treatment the company provides.

Even with the exceptionally warm weather and water temperatures, the group was able to catch many species of northern pikes during the fishing experience. Moreover, they were able to enjoy an excellent Swedish summer lunch right in the middle of the archipelago, while enjoying the magnificent view.


Chris Schulthess reveals that there is an extra challenge on hosting experience to foreigners, but that it is always a rewarding and exciting work: “As a guide, you should stay as flexible as possible. Especially with guests from overseas who may have completely different backgrounds or cultures. We wonder if they will like what we do, and how we can meet their expectations. Usually, interesting stories are shared, and new experiences gained on both sides.”

For sure, all these expertise and carefulness has been shown on the experiences they provide to their clients, and we hope many more people will be able to learn from them and enjoy the wonders of fishing in Sweden.