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7 Fish that should be on your bucket list

That saying that tells that the stressed ones should go fishing does not always work. Or do you really think you can relax in the search for a fish affectionately nicknamed "river monster"? Fishing can also be about adrenaline.

Sometimes a day of fishing can be an adventure, facing gigantic and aggressive animals. Fortunately, the challenge is that these aquatic beings usually live in paradisiacal places. Discover the species you should definitely catch at least once in your life.


Salmon from the Umba River, Russia

At least five times a year, a group of the world's largest salmon come 123 kilometers from the Kola peninsula, at the northern tip of the European part of Russia, by the waters of the Umba River, attracting fishermen from all over the world who come to compete with fish. bears from the isolated region. The number of salmons, however, has been declining every year. Not by the impact of tourism, since it is mandatory to return the animal to the water after catching them, but by fishing for the consumption of the population itself. The region has experienced high rates of unemployment in recent years. The salmon season on the Umba River runs from May to the end of October. You can check fishing experiences in Kola in our website.


The black marlin of Cairns, Australia

One of the greatest challenges for any fisherman is easier on the 250 km Pacific Ocean that separates the coastal town of Cairns and the Lizard Islands in Australia. The success in attempting to catch the black-marlin, which weighs 750 kg and does nothing at a speed of 130 km/h, is greater there than in all other subtropical waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Not to mention that you are in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef: when you get tired of getting the giant fish, just put a snorkel and admire the colorful view. You can book a fishing session in Cairns in our website. Keep in mind that the marlin-black fishing season runs from September to December.


The southern catfish of the USA

This is certainly the scariest fishing mode on the list. After all, in place of stick and hooks, your hand is the bait. Noodling consists of sticking your hand into a dark hole within the rivers of the southern US and waiting for the catfish, a kind of American catfish, to bite your hand. Then it is only if you dock with the worm in a fight in the mud until you get it out of the water - this is really a catfish inside that hole.

The practice is a Native American tradition, passed down from generation to generation. Those who want to face the challenge can search for one of the region's tourism agencies that offer the activity. The practice is legal in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin from May to August.


The giant trout of the Eg-Rr River in Mongolia

Going to Mongolia to fish for trout, does not seem to make much sense. But in this case, size matters. While here, this captive-raised salmon fish reaches a maximum of 2kg and 60cm in length, and the rivers of the distant Asian country live the largest species of trout in the world, up to 90kg and 2m. Trout of the taimen species are known as "river wolves", not only because of their size but because they are carnivorous. Therefore, to catch them, you must use the "fly fishing" technique, which the line and bait simulate the movement of an insect in the air before it falls into the water.


The tiger-goliath fish in the Congo River

If the piranhas frighten you, imagine those sharp teeth in a 1.5-meter animal and up to 70 kg, with the nice nickname "River Monster". It is the tiger-goliath, which inhabits the basin of the Congo River in Africa. This aggressive predator usually picks up birds during flight and has a history of attacking humans, making it even more exciting to battle hard to catch one. Excursions are held to ensure all the safety of tourists, being easier to catch them during the dry season, from July to October. But go prepared, since the dangerous dispute with the "monster" can last all day.


Brown trout from Tierra del Fuego in Chile

Trout is also an attraction at the end of the world. In Tierra del Fuego, extreme south of Chile, the sea that surrounds the archipelago is considered the best place in the world for brown trout fishing. The average weight of the trout caught there is 4kg and can reach up to 11kg. Although they are very numerous in the waters of the region, no one wants to take the risk of exterminating one of the greatest regional pride - so much so that there is a giant fish statue in the city of Rio Grande. Release after capture is mandatory. The season runs from December through mid-April.


Walleye from Minnesota in the US

You should know the practice of movies or cartoons: fish through a hole in a frozen lake. In the small town of Brainerd, in the state of Minnesota, the sport is taken seriously. Throughout the month of January, when the waters of Lake Gull are frozen, there is the largest ice fishing festival in the world. The competition gives a prize of up to $ 150,000 for anyone who takes the biggest fish out of the hole. Just to begin, the organization already leaves 20,000 holes ready, enough for the approximately 12,000 participants.