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8 Reasons to Go Fishing with a Local Guide

You may be the DIY type of person, but fishing is one activity you should not undertake on your own, especially in an unknown area. Even if you have been fishing for many years on your own, you should consider hiring a guide for your next trip.

If you are planning on fishing in new waters, or even trying new techniques, you most definitely need a guide. It will make a world of difference. And do not worry, your fishing guide will give you enough space to breathe and learn some of the hardest lessons on your own, so you still feel in charge. If you are not yet convinced, here are 8 reasons why you should go fishing with a local guide.


1- You will save time:

Let’s say you choose a great river and you know for sure the water level is great. But where exactly? As mentioned before, the location is a big part of what makes fishing successful. When fishing with a local guide, you will know precisely where to fish, which bait or fly to use, what technique to practice, and all these will save you a lot of time. When fishing by yourself there is a lot of learning-by-doing, but with the assistance of a guide, you will have all the information needed to catch many fishes in a short period of time.

2- You will learn how to read the water:

When it comes to unfamiliar lakes, rivers, and structure, there is a bunch to be discovered and even many varieties of endless fisheries to be explored. Each water is different, and while fishing with a guide, you will learn more than just tackle and technique. By knowing what boulders to fish behind, where the drop-offs are, how to not just fish water, you will navigate safely in the water, be more confident and consequently catch more fish.


3- You will catch different fish:

So, imagine that you found the perfect river and the perfect spot all on your own. It is brimming with fish, and you could not be happier. But after two hours, you found that they are not taking your fly. How can you fix that? With the right fly of course! That is the moment when fishing with a guide is worth. When fishing with a local guide, you will catch more and different fish like never before. Is it because they have superhuman fish catching powers? No. It’s because they are on the water all of the time! Local guides know the area they fish like no one else. That means that they know exactly what to do: which technique to use; what bait to fish with; where the fish hide; what time to fish; Their knowledge is essential to catch those local fish.

4- You will be safer:

A fishing guide knows local rivers, lakes, and seas like his backyard. Thus, there is no chance of taking the wrong channel on the river or getting into trouble with a strong current or obstacle. Plus, most licensed guides are first aid certified, so, whatever happens, your guide is your safest bet at getting home in one piece. Especially in remote locations, water can kill. If you are going fishing, inevitably you are heading to the water. Hiring a guide that knows the water and its risks and is trained in things like CPR, first aid, and cold-water immersion can save your life.

5- You do not need to bring your own equipment:

Guides and charters frequently provide their clients with gear. That not only means rods and reels, but quality equipment, line, tackle, and bait. Those things will increase your chances of a successful fishing trip. Let them handle everything. The boat, gear, safety, fishing, arrangements, where to go, what to use, and all that jazz. When you hire a guide, all you should need to do is FISH!


6- You will find new spots:

The outdoors is a fantastic classroom and when you are outside, engaged in nature, having a guide to answer questions about the flora, fauna or tell short stories can really make a trip. Moreover, the biggest and perhaps the most valuable lesson guides can teach you is the location where they go fishing. Throughout the years of practicing sports fishing, the local guides discovered unique fishing locations that are unknown to most anglers. These exceptional waters are usually crowded with different species waiting to be caught.

7- You will learn new techniques

When you go fishing with a guide, at least a good guide, the most significant bonus you will experience may not be just in the number of fish you catch, but in what you will learn from them. If you consider the amount of money spent on all those days you were trying to develop your skills by yourself, it’s probably cheaper to have someone teaching you all the secrets. Take notes and ask questions, most guides expect you to be curious to learn from them and, of course, they are more than willing to share their knowledge. You will learn new techniques and sharpen your fishing skills, and that’s going to help you catch fish even after your trip ends.


8- You will share the experience:

Going fishing with a local guide is a gratifying experience. Booking a trip with a guide is a lot different than fishing with your buddies. Guides have the patience to deal with the difficulties that annoy even your closest friends. When hiring a guide, you are investing in more than just a day of fishing, but improving your learning curve, having faith in your gear, boat, experience, knowledge of the water, and feeling comfortable putting the pressure and your safety into the hands of a professional guide. And by the end of a trip, is hard not to bond with these professionals that dedicate their lives to this ancient sport.

The reason why anglers keep returning to fishing guides year after year is because they take all the necessary measures to have an outstanding fishing trip. They do all the preparation, and you will get all the fun, excitement, and the credit. At Fishtripr.com we genuinely believe in the work of local fishing guides are we are proud of having the best ones around the world as our partners! All we ask is that you try going on a fishing trip with a guide for just one trip and we promise you will be hooked for a lifetime.